Walk for pleasure, drive and treasure

Welcome to TripWizard - a simple, easy-to-use multi-destination route planner!

Whoever you are: a tourist, a commuter, a driver — TripWizard will find the best route for you.

How to use

It's simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Put the points of your trip on map and set one as a start point..
  2. Set the trip options.
  3. Tap the "Find route" button.
...It's done!

Let's take a closer look

How to add places to your trip:

  • You can add the place with long-click on map.
  • Tap "Add place" button to add the place on map center.

TripWizard will show the address on your map and ask to add it to the itinerary.

  • You can search for the place using Search tool. Just start typing a word, and TripWizard will show the possible locations. If you're done - just choose the right option. If the choices don't suit you - change your search request.

How to set trip options:

Use «Options» to set: your trip mode: walking, cycling or driving; your route preferences: shortest/fastest, avoiding motorways/toll roads.

Ready to start?

Tap "Find route" and away you go!

TripWizard sorts out the stops along your route for best efficiency. Your stops appear numbered on the map.
To follow your route, simply tap on the next stop in your trip and select “Navigate to this place” – this launches an external application (if available; usually Google Maps) to assist you on your navigation.
You can also see your current location with the "See where I am" button.

How to manage the stops along your route

  • Toggle drawer and review your route with "Show places on map".
  • See a list of stops with "Show list of places". Tap on any stop in the list to see it on the map.
  • Tap on any stop on the map to: "Navigate to this place" - move from your current location to the selected point by the turn-by-turn assistance of the external app.
  • "Set this place as start" - set this point as the start of your route.
  • "Delete this place" removes this point from the list.
  • "Clear all places" clears the whole trip.


Please note that this free version of TripWizard has some limitations:

  1. Maximum 5 stops per route.
  2. TripWizard uses Google’s maps and mapping services. Restrictions may apply.

Have a nice trip!